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We Have Shut Down

Website backup available in account until June 18, 2018

We are Shutting Down on June 1

You Must Transfer Your Website Now

This shutdown notice and the instructions below apply to both WP Ultimate and WP Church Host services. We truly apologize for this inconvenience. We appreciate your business and regret that we must shut down.

You must transfer your website to a new host and domain name to a new registrar by June 1, 2018. It is important that you do these things without delay. We will not be available to assist you after we shut down. If you do not do this before June 1, your website and domain will become permanently unavailable. Please go through the steps below to transfer away both your domain and your website and to learn how to receive a pro-rated refund.

Please email us at Enable Javascript to see email address if you have any questions.

1. Transfer Domain Registration

If you have a domain name registered with us, you must transfer it to a new domain registrar by June 1 or you will be unable to renew or manage it after we shut down on June 1. Transfer your domain right now to risk the possibility of losing it permanently.

  1. Click one of the log in buttons above to check if your domain is registered with us. You can tell if it is by clicking Domains at the top.

    If you do not have a domain registered with us, you do not need to transfer your domain to a new registrar since our shutting down will not affect its registration. You still must follow the "Transfer Website to New Host" steps below to move your actual website.
  2. You can transfer your domain name to any registrar. We recommend Namecheap. Read How do I transfer my existing domain to Namecheap? Namecheap will walk you through this process, but you will need to unlock your domain and get an Auth Code from us.
  3. To get your "Auth Code" or "EPP" from us, log into your account then click on Domains. Click Edit by your domain to unlock it and copy your code. Supply this code to your new registrar as they instruct you after beginning the domain transfer process.

2. Transfer Website to New Host

We suggest SiteGround as your new web host. They are recommended by and provide managed WordPress hosting at a lower price and with more features than we offered (including email). They will help transfer your website for free which is a process that they can assist you with over live chat.

  1. Sign up for one of SiteGround's plans. Their entry-level StartUp plan is suitable for most churches. Or, sign up with another host.
    • Go to Transfer Your Existing Site to request SiteGround's free assistance in transferring your website from us to them.
    • SiteGround will ask you for SFTP access in order to copy your WordPress site's files from our server to theirs. Click above to log into your account then click Details to see your SFTP Host, Username and Password.
    • SiteGround will instruct you to upload your WordPress database file so that they can import it for you. In your account with us, click on Backups then Download. Unzip the backup and you will see a .sql.gz file which is your WordPress database file.
  2. Point your domain name to your new host after transferring your website there. Follow your new hosting provider's instructions on completing this step. After this, your domain will load your website off of your new host's server instead of from our server.

    Note: If you are using our DNS for something like email hosting, you should complete the "Copy DNS Records" step below before pointing your domain away from us in order to prevent interuption in email service.

3. Copy DNS Records (Email)

We have recommend email hosting services like Gmail's G Suite and Zoho. If you are using an email hosting service such as these then your DNS records with us may have been modified to connect your domain to your email hosting provider. If that is the case then this will stop working once your domain is pointed away from us, so you will need to copy your DNS records to keep email working.

  1. Log into your account with us then click on DNS to see your DNS records.
  2. Configure your DNS records similarly with your new DNS provider, such as SiteGround. Your email provider can assist with this.
  3. Copy any other DNS records that you may have configured for a particular purpose.

Note: SiteGround includes email hosting at no extra charge. You may prefer to use that instead of using an email hosting service like G Suite.

4. Cancel and Receive Refund

You must cancel with us after your website, domain, DNS records and everything you used to have with us is transferred elsewhere. You may also wish to retrieve information from your account such as invoices and backups as these will not be accessible after canceling.

You will receive a prorated refund when canceling with time remaining on your annual or monthly contract.

To cancel, log into your account then click Cancel. Be sure to do this only after you have moved everything off of your account.


Remember, you must complete these steps by June 1. We will not be available to assist after we shut down on that date.

Again, we are sorry for this inconvenience and ask you to email us at Enable Javascript to see email address if you have any questions. Thank you.