How to Use SSL/HTTPS with WordPress in 3 Steps

SSL/HTTPS should be used on every WordPress website. An SSL certificate enables the HTTPS protocol to encrypt your WordPress site's traffic. This protects your website's security and your users' privacy. You should use SSL for these reasons but also because WordPress recommends HTTPS and since Google penalizes websites that don't have an SSL certificate.

Use SSL/HTTPS with WordPress the Easy Way

Normally you'd have to buy an SSL certificate then install it and make some technical tweaks to WordPress. We've eliminated the difficulty of this by providing free, automatically installed SSL certificates.

  • 1. Visit our homepage and choose a WordPress hosting plan to start your free trial.
  • 2. Log into your account then request free website migration. You won't have to move it yourself.
  • 3. Choose the HTTPS URL option in your account after your website has been moved to your new hosting.

In addition to automatically installing a free SSL certificate, our system also sets up redirects from your old HTTP URLs to your new HTTPS URLs and replaces them in your WordPress site's content. This automation can save you a lot of time. If you want to tackle this manually, see the manual instructions in HTTPS for WordPress.

Change WordPress URL to SSL/HTTPS

Why to Use SSL/HTTPS with WordPress

If you're tempted to put off enabling SSL/HTTPS for WordPress, consider these things.

  • • Your WordPress admin password can be intercepted without SSL/HTTPS.
  • • Any details your users submit via your website can be stolen.
  • • Your WordPress site will be insecure and can be hacked.
  • • WordPress now recommends HTTPS usage.
  • • Browsers are starting to show security warnings for non-SSL websites.
  • • Browser warnings are slated to become more aggressive with time.
  • • Google uses SSL/HTTPS as a search ranking signal — you may be losing referrals.
  • • Not using SSL/HTTPS on your WordPress site can harm your credibility.
  • • In the future, some WordPress features may work only when SSL/HTTPS is used.
  • • "Everybody's doing it" — and for good reason. This is not a fad.

Like Google and WordPress, we recommend setting up SSL/HTTPS right away. You only stand to gain.

"...don’t wait to get started moving to HTTPS." — Emily Schechter via Google Security Blog

Please feel free to send us an email at Enable Javascript to see email address if you have any questions about using SSL/HTTPS with WordPress.